Brown Thasher

Buffy and I often make a morning loop walk around the back back of our 2-acre yard. This morning we rounded the corner of the house. Buffy took off full speed for the groundhog eating its breakfast. As usual, it made it under the barn before Buffy got down there.

It wasn’t long before I spotted two young rabbits feeding back near the shrub border. They saw us and hopped into the thick of things.

IMG_2985 crop red

A brown thrasher stayed ahead of us, sometimes on the ground and others low in the shrub border.

IMG_2995 crop red

They usually stay hidden in thick vegetation, not leading humans on their walk around the backyard.

IMG_2988 crop red

Brown thrashers nest up to 4 feet above the ground, and occasionally on the ground.  My impression was that it was leading me away from its nest in my attempt to get pictures of it.

A brown thrasher’s song impersonates other bird songs. They repeat each note/phrase two times, not a varying number like mockingbirds do.

4 responses to this post.

  1. A beautiful bird!


    • Have to agree. One summer when my kids were young, I was often yelling for Keith to do whatever. I half expected the thrasher to add “Keith” to its list of impersonations.


  2. Nice of him to show you around!


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