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A Skipper and a Bee

IMG_5748 crop red

A dun skipper (Euphyes vestris) stopped to nectar on a purple coneflower.

IMG_5751 crop red

Folded wing skippers hold their hindwings out flat and angle their forewings. The dun’s wingspan measures 1  1/8 – 1  3/8 inch inches

IMG_5756 crop

A small bee stopped for pollen.

Wheel Bug Nymph

I kept thinking “wheel bug” while taking pictures of this bug. Wheel bugs have a prominent semicircular crest on their thorax.

IMG_5708 alt red

Apparently, this one isn’t an adult yet. It was feeding on a soldier beetle.

IMG_2207 red

I took this picture in early July of 2009.

Wheel bugs have one generation a year and overwinter as eggs. One website stated that the wheel bug’s bite is usually worse than a bee sting. Both nymphs and adults should be avoided.

Unusual Leaf Miner

IMG_6670 red

More typical leaf miner “trails” look like the ones above in a catalpa leaf.

IMG_5174 crop alt red

 Obviously, this poison ivy plant stood out with such an unusual leaf miner design.

IMG_5176 crop alt one

A leaf miner is the larva of an insect that lives and develops inside a leaf. This type of mine is called a “blotch mine.” Mornings it looked like it had condensation in the mine, that wasn’t there in the evenings.

IMG_5176 crop alt arrow copy

If you look close, you can see a tiny larva.

IMG_5233 alt red

I was actually able to easily identify it online. It’s a poison ivy leaf miner (Cameraria guttifinitella).

The cause of the dark spots or the long crease of the upper surface remain a mystery.

Passing Evening Storm

An evening storm passed just to the northwest of us. These are some of the pictures I took in fifteen to twenty minutes before it moved on.

IMG_5543 red

IMG_5544 red

IMG_5550 red

IMG_5554 red

IMG_5558 red

IMG_5560 red

IMG_5570 red

IMG_5582 red

IMG_5574 red

About fifteen to twenty minutes of “oohing” and “aahing,” and the storm was past.


Since most of my recent blogs included moving subjects, I thought I’d blog a stationery one.


IMG_5614 alt red too

IMG_5618 alt red

IMG_5622 alt red

IMG_5626 alt red

IMG_5644 crop red alt

Then I took a picture of a bud, and a jumping spider presented itself. Of the nine pictures with it in them, this was the best of the active little critter.


At first I expected an empty hole.

Then I expected to see the head of a kingsnake in it.

IMG_5159 red alt

And ended up with a crawdad staring back at me.

Growing Wings?

Now I’ve seen everything!

I was taking pictures of a beetle

IMG_5009 crop red too

on the bark

IMG_3359 crop alt red

of the Ingram Hill Oak.

Then I looked down …

IMG_5023 red

and found wings coming out the side of the tree.

IMG_5029 red

There was no body attached or any damage to the wings.

They just looked like they were growing out the side of the tree.