Ant Tower

Strange things often get/grab my attention.

IMG_4392 red

I was just walking around the yard with Buffy one morning and stopped to look over the prairie dock situation. Apparently it spreads by underground runners. Two now grow in my sedum patch. Being a prairie plant usually means having a deep root system.

IMG_4684 red

Anyway, while looking the situation over, I spotted ant activity at the top where I cut off last year’s flower stalk.

IMG_4412 red

The remnants of the dried flower stalk stood 20 inches tall. It was over 15 feet when I cut it in the fall.

IMG_4384 crop red

Tiny black ants came out the holes in the top, walked about and went back down in. None went down the outside of the stalk. Their size made it difficult to see exactly what they were doing.

IMG_4469 red

I found out the next morning.  Notice all the tiny white specks on the leaf stalks — that was what the ants brought up and dropped the tiny pieces over the side as they excavated their     “ant tower.”


10 responses to this post.

  1. Interesting observations!


  2. Very good post 🙂


  3. That’s odd. It has become an ant highway by the looks. I like the leaves on that plant. It has a tropical look to it.


  4. Awesome little excavators!


  5. Good eye, looks like the sears tower for ants..:-)


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