At first I expected an empty hole.

Then I expected to see the head of a kingsnake in it.

IMG_5159 red alt

And ended up with a crawdad staring back at me.

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  1. Did you find this crawdad near any river or lake ?


  2. Now that is a cool find!!! Excellent pic too..:-))


  3. I’ve never seen them nest out of water. Interesting!


    • We have several crawdad holes in the yard. They mounded the mud in the spring when it was so wet. They even closed the opening. This one seemed intent on being the subject of a blog.


  4. Great find & photograph. I thought they only lived in water!


    • I really don’t know much about them. I’ve only seen them in water 3 times. This was the first I’ve seen in the yard. We have their mounds every spring when they can close the hole if it rains too much. Then the rest of the year it’s just holes. Sometimes kingsnakes will use the holes too.


  5. Wow. That’s awesome! We used to turn over rocks in the stream to find them, but I’d never expect to find one like this. So cool.


    • Thanks. We have holes scattered around the yard and have for years. This was the first time to see one. It didn’t move. It just stared at me while taking the pictures. Used zoom a little.


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