Passing Evening Storm

An evening storm passed just to the northwest of us. These are some of the pictures I took in fifteen to twenty minutes before it moved on.

IMG_5543 red

IMG_5544 red

IMG_5550 red

IMG_5554 red

IMG_5558 red

IMG_5560 red

IMG_5570 red

IMG_5582 red

IMG_5574 red

About fifteen to twenty minutes of “oohing” and “aahing,” and the storm was past.


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  1. Big clouds like that are beautiful but also somewhat intimidating — I associate them with violent weather here in MN.


  2. Beautiful shots of those cloud formations.


  3. I love watching clouds like that roll by. One of my favorite things to do when growing up was to sit out on the covered porch during a thunderstorm. (But we didn’t have tornadoes)
    Excellent photos!


    • Thanks.When I camped a lot in a camper I had at my property, I used to lay there at night, listening to the thunder roll over the hills.


    • Thanks. We have the threat of a tornado occasionally. We’re considered in “tornado alley” but I don’t exactly what’s included.We can have some pretty strong storms without tornadoes.


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