Unexpected Visitor


The last thing I expected to see roaming around my backyard was a young raccoon. Mainly because I don’t remember ever seeing one in the yard.

IMG_6497 jpg

I took the first few pictures through the window.


Then it moved around to where I could sneak out to the front corner of the barn for closer pictures.

IMG_6502 jpg

It took its time feeding  around the area and then disappeared behind the barn.


6 responses to this post.

  1. So cute. Such a little one to be out on his own.


    • That’s what I thought. Of course, we have such a jungle around here, there could have been others in the thick of things.The house to north of ours was vacant for years and now has people in it. Then the land behind us was pasture and now has a house (ugh!). The both have changed wildlife habits around here.


  2. So cute when they’re young!


  3. Seeing raccoons in broad daylight makes me nervous. I had one stagger through the back yard at noon one day when my son and his friend were out there. I got them inside in a hurry.


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