Comma Butterfly

A comma butterfly landed in front of me as I headed toward the backyard.


The ragged female stopped to rest on her mission to find host plants — hops, nettles and elm trees — to lay her eggs on.

Comma butterflies (Polygonia comma) overwinter as adults and begin flying as spring warms. The feed at flowers, tree sap, animal droppings, carrion and decaying fruit.

I used to put overripe fruit on the cistern to attract the sap-flow butterflies — which include the tawny emperor, red-spotted purple, viceroy,  hackberry butterfly, question mark, painted lady and red admiral.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Some of the butterflies are pretty beat up and sad-looking by this time of year. However, they still seem to fly pretty well, despite the missing parts of their anatomy.


  2. Still a beautiful sight.


  3. It’s a beauty. I saw a bunch of butterflies I can’t identify last weekend, because they didn’t let me get a single photo.


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