Two Unknowns

I found these once before, a few years ago. I can’t remember what they are and haven’t found them online.


They aren’t a caterpillar. They just look like one.


They preferred the undersides of the leaves for safety reasons.


Many leaves on the vine were rolled.


The pictures were taken three weeks ago.  The top two in this picture had recently molted.


I’m not even sure what kind of vine this is.

It’s a shame their name isn’t a pattern on their back.

I welcome any information concerning this mystery.

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  1. I love a challenge over breakfast 😄. Although searching photos of caterpillars is not exactly best done at breakfast. I think it’s a Harrisina americana larvae, Grape leaf skeletonizer. Seems to be the best match and it’s found in your location. There is some variability of caterpillar,, but some of the photos look exactly like yours. They are a bit of a pest. Not sure what your vine is. I wish plants came with labels too.


  2. Destructive little beast.


  3. The vine reminds me of a hop vine. A grape would have tendrils and I’m not seeing any. Hop vines are often attacked by a caterpillar like insect called a hop vine borer, but I can’t find an example that matches yours.


  4. There’s an excellent example of how a hop leaf changes its shape over time here:


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