Leaf-footed Bugs

IMG_9434 crop

Earlier in the summer I couldn’t remember what would hatch from these eggs in the catalpa tree.

IMG_9625 crop

Several times I found these newly-hatch nymphs and wasn’t sure of them either.

IMG_0784 red

The lower leg doesn’t show in the picture. It had what looked like the beginning leg of a leaf-footed bug.

IMG_2024 crop

These gathered together in the catalpa tree yesterday. They obviously are leaf-footed bugs — see the widened area on the lower hind leg. Their wings aren’t fully developed.

IMG_2040 crop

This picture of an adult, and the picture above, were both taken on September 19.

IMG_2312 crop alt

Surprise, September 25, this adult posed. It better shows all their features.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Great sequence.


  2. That’s another strange one that I’ve never heard of. I’ve got a couple of head scratchers for the folks over at bug guide to identify.


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