Know For Sure

What I know for sure ….


it’s a small dragonfly

with a red abdomen,

powder blue head and underside thorax, and clear wings.

It patiently posed for a seven pictures.

(It’s small size made it almost impossible for the camera to focus.)

And, as of now, I haven’t been able to identify it online or in books.

Name or not, I still enjoyed the encounter.

The picture was taken on September 9.



Turned out two blogs I follow both blogged this dragonfly — a blue-face meadowhawk (Sympetrum ambiguum). The dragonfly wasn’t in one dragonfly book I have. The positioning of a pair of them in my other dragonfly book didn’t look enough like it for me to make the connection.

So, now I feel much better — I have a name for it!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Not a color combination I’m used to seeing.


  2. A great shot of this uniquely colored creature.


  3. That’s a beautiful dragonfly and your photo shows the colors well. I was going to say that I thought I had seen the same one on Mike Powell’s blog, but you probably know that.


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