After the Fog Rises

A recent heavy fog didn’t start lifting until 8:30 or so.


For some reason I decided to make a loop around the yard.


Dew-covered webs were scattered around the yard. They varied in size more than the picture shows.

IMG_1734 crop

A sheet web hung/laid in a honeysuckle tangle.

IMG_1733 crop

The spider stayed in the leafy tangle above, waiting to pounce when something got caught in the web.

IMG_1759 crop

The maker of bowl-shaped web didn’t show itself.


The weaver of this one didn’t either.


I wondered if the spider in the mouth of this funnel-shaped web knew it was in plain sight?


Another funnel web at ground level.


So many of these small webs were scattered all over in the yard. I photographed many of them, thinking the tiny red things were prey. They were so tiny. Finally I got a good enough look at one to realize it was a spider.


This web is similar to the one above. The picture was taken from a different angle.


This web won the prize for the prettiest with the pink smartweed flowers below.


The black in the hole is the spider.


The resident of this large orb web didn’t show itself.

12 responses to this post.

  1. Amazing what we find so close to home.


  2. Wonderful shots of an incredible variety of spider webs. The artistry of the spiders never fails to amaze me.


  3. Posted by Marcela-Paz on October 12, 2014 at 7:31 am

    Very nice and clear pictures, spider webs always amaze me, they are incredible!


  4. Darn, we had heavy fog here this morning and I completely forgot about looking for spider webs. You got some great shots of them. I think the last one is my favorite.


    • Our fogs usually don’t last as long as this one did. There’s been no shortage of the big orb weaver webs. I even walked into a couple in the evening with the spider a tad too close.


  5. Amazing captures.


  6. Those are some beauties. I suppose the spiders are busy making these all the time, but dew rarely see them.


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