Under a Full Moon

I know these pictures are a tad strange and suggest leaning back to view them.

Back in the early 90’s I wrote and illustrated weekly nature articles for several local newspapers. This meant I spent a lot of time hiking and camping in nature. I illustrated each article with an ink drawing. I also own 33 acres that is now a registered land and water reserve, translating to one step below a nature preserve.

My goal was to see the different plant communities in different weather, at different times of day and in the different seasons.

One winter full moon started out cloudy, and I had planned to go to my land and paint small watercolor pictures by moonlight. The sky partially cleared. I suited up and hurried the seven miles down there.


Water ran in the creek, and snow blanketed the ground.

No flashlight was used. This first picture was viewing across the creek, with moonlight hitting the water, and trees casting their shadows across it.


This was painted after I crossed the creek and where a trail started up the hill.

I painted with colors I couldn’t see.


The night was humid and the paint didn’t dry.


I became immersed in the night, the full moon … heard a barred owl hooting and coyotes calling.


My last painting was of the grassy barrens with the wooded ravine in the background.

That night stayed with me for a long time. These pictures hang in my bedroom, and occasionally take me back to that special night.

8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Therese Tree Liver on December 7, 2014 at 12:03 pm

    What an amazing person you are!!
    How creative!
    I recognize that place. Beautiful memories.
    This is one of your best!


  2. I’ve done some watercolors myself and they’re hard enough without painting in the dark, They came out quite good though.
    Writing a weekly article must have been a lot of work.


    • I did a lot of outings with my kids. I camped and hiked alone a lot when they outgrew me, and camped until an ATV site went in at the top of the hill. The road dead ended there. The noise was nerve racking and so many people in and out made me nervous. It was a sad time then because I didn’t feel safe there alone anymore.


  3. I love these images! I am partial to watercolors, and these really give the flavor of the place – one can feel the night air, see the trees, and hear the sounds!


  4. I like these a lot!!


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