White Mushroom

I seem to be developing a knack for finding things I can’t identify.


These mushrooms commonly grew in a low damp area on … I’m not sure on what kind of wood. I took the pictures  on November 30.


At first they looked to me like mushrooms that had curled inside-out as they aged.


And, as of this posting, I still have no idea what they are.

9 responses to this post.

  1. The texture of these mushrooms is interesting, but, alas, I can’t help with idenitification.


  2. Beautiful but not something I’ve seen before.


  3. I’ve never seen anything like them and they aren’t in my mushroom books either. They’re pretty things and I’d like to find some.


  4. Gorgeous! Perhaps they won’t mind sharing your name with the world: a Latin Kathagaricus campestris….


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