Only See Fox Signs


Eight inches of snow fell Monday into early Tuesday.


It was late morning before a fox left the den. It headed toward the back corner of our yard where there’s an opening under our neighbor’s fence.

The temperature was low and the wind strong. I didn’t linger over each shot … obviously.


The glare was so bad I couldn’t see what was on the camera’s display. I just took several pictures, hoping for the best.


Poor Buffy. She couldn’t get under the barn where the intruders live.


I added this picture so we could see the fox I didn’t see.

5 responses to this post.

  1. It’s looking a lot like New Hampshire there, but I’d guess that it probably melts a lot faster than it does here.


  2. Oh, but they are leaving you signs they are active, great! Love the photo of Buffy looking back at you. 🙂


    • Had computer problems and just now back on. We’ve had a strong snow/freezing rain/sleet storm that’s taking a while to melt. The foxes haven’t shown themselves. I’m ready when they do.


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