Abstract Water

A light rain alternated with mist, and the temperature reached 60 degrees this afternoon. Since tomorrow’s forecast included falling temperatures, rain and strong winds, Buffy and I headed to Stone Face for a short outing.


Snow geese were in a corn field and


 flying above it.


Water flowed with an urgency in the wet-weather creek at Stone Face.


I didn’t see all these details when taking the pictures.


The contrast created abstract patterns,


and a lot of movement.


It sure looked like the water spirits (the undines) were having a lot of fun.

I know Buffy and I were.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Nice to see the water in liquid form!


  2. We’ve had a bit of a thaw here too but the ice on the rivers hasn’t melted yet. That’s a lot of geese!


  3. Sending more Snow Geese your way! 🙂 We’re seeing massive flocks of Snow & Canada Geese filling our skies, heading north/northwest. LOVE the abstract water photos, Kathy!


  4. I like your title “Abstract Water” and I understand why you find it fun to explore water that way photographically.


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