Fox Celebration

As of now, I work my daily activities around the presence of the foxes. I took pictures this morning, early afternoon and then this series little after 5.

Timing is everything.


She caught me.


What was probably procrastinating, had her resting on their lookout,


AND THEN down she went. Out came a little one! There also a little furry “mound” behind the long rock.


AND THEN this picture shows three kits. The one on the left looks funny from the movement. The one under her looks like one of the rocks and the third one’s by her tail! And here I thought they were born recently or were about to be born. Apparently they were born earlier than my mammal book said.


She checked her territory out again before going under the barn.


The male headed to the corner of our backyard where he can get under the fence and on to find their next meal.

8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Tree Lover Therese on April 3, 2015 at 6:55 am

    Love Fox Chronicles!


  2. Wonderful! What a treat. You’ll have fun photographing those kits as they grow. I bet you could sit in a blind 50 feet away and take some close-up photos of them. I tried this and they do react to the clicking of the shutter, but since they can’t see you, they seem to think it’s OK. I just left the blind in place for several days and went in whenever they weren’t around and set up my tripod and camera. It got a little warm in there, but the photos were worth it! I bought a small tent blind at an outdoor store for about $60.


  3. How wonderful to be able to observe this beautiful little family.


  4. That would be great to see out my window. You’re lucky they keep coming back!


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