Fingers Crossed

Today is Thursday, April 16. Last weekend had such nice weather, every neighbor was out mowing their yard, including us.


My last pictures of the foxes were taken Friday, April 10. I can’t see them going nocturnal with 6 kits running around.


I thought if we all crossed our fingers and asked politely that, maybe, the foxes would return.



I looked out after supper and saw …


This groundhog sure didn’t waste any time moving in. Buffy knows it’s here and it knows Buffy’s here.

I’m still crossing my fingers for the foxes’ return.

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  1. Posted by Tree Lover Therese on April 17, 2015 at 10:24 am

    Laughing! I read the words” I looked out after supper and saw”, then I scrolled down and saw the “big as life” picture of the star groundhog. I love it! LOL


  2. That’s so amazing you have these very cool critters so close by. Excellent!


    • As of right now, the barn’s not housing any “critters.” We even had a jake turkey in the yard this morning. That’s real rare! I’ll keep everyone posted.


  3. I’m surprised they left with that many young. Maybe the mower noise gets to them.


  4. Fingers crossed! 😀


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