Oh, What a Night!


I own 33 acres in the hills and have camped and hiked there a LOT over the years.


Buffy became my hiking partner when she was 2 or 3 years old. I took this picture in 2007.


The Old One, my favorite tree friend, wasn’t in as good shape as she looked here.


A wet-weather creek runs through the ravine.


Are you curious about my title “Oh, what a night!”

This is where it happened.


I spent an evening recently, looking through picture folders in my computer. I came to one of a spring camping trip to my property. The landscape was all so fresh and green. Buffy and I went to sleep that night, listening to the whip-poor-wills and chuck-will-widows.

 I left the rain flap off that night and opened the windows all the way. I woke in the night. The moonlight was bright enough to easily see our surroundings. Buffy was sitting up, very still, looking out the door. I eased up on one elbow.

The barred owl family — both parents and four owlets– were scattered about in the trees just south of camp. The adults called back and forth. The young joined in, lacking volume and the correct rhythm. Buffy and I just sat, side by side, looking out and listening. I didn’t see any of the owls before they eventually moved on to the south.

Buffy was as mesmerized as I was. Somehow she knew it was a special time.

Barred owls have been one of my absolute favorites for years and years.

I still have vivid mental images of that night: one of her profile as she looked out the door, the lit areas and nighttime shadows the moonlight created in our surroundings.

 I can still see it all as plainly as if I were looking at pictures.

12 responses to this post.

  1. Why I love camping!


  2. I’ll never forget that barred owl that sat on the trail last summer and let me walk within five feet of him and take all the photos I wanted. I still think that bird knew me somehow, or at least knew that I wouldn’t hurt him. I’ll never forget staring into those brown eyes either. I just remembered that I have brown eyes too, so maybe he thought he was staring at another owl!


    • I can’t imagine being that close to an owl! The young ones’ hooting always made me smile and maybe a slight giggle.


      • It was a memorable experience. I did a blog post about it but I don’t remember what month it was. Summer. I’ve never heard or seen the young ones.

      • I found a barred owl nest years and years ago. There were 4 young. I set up a pup tent for a blind. It was such an experience. It was way before digital cameras. I did get pictures and did a lot of drawing.

  3. Hmmm, I thought it was ” late September back in 63″? 😉
    I miss camping, great shots..:-)


  4. what’s your real name??? please???


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