Evening Light

I just found out from my son that I goofed on the identification of this insect. It’s a mantis fly, not a praying mantis. I didn’t even know there was such an insect. The abdomen shape differs between the two. The veining of the wings of a mantis fly’s wings is square and is long in a praying mantis’).

I usually see green or brown praying mantises,

… and this one turned out to be a mantis fly.

IMG_2087 crop

This one doesn’t fit in either color category.

IMG_2090 last

It looks like it molted recently and is waiting for its exoskeleton to dry.

9 responses to this post.

  1. Looks like a mantidfly (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantispidae). I’d love to see one someday!


  2. I think it’s strange that I never see them. We must have them here.
    Then again I am color blind so maybe I do see them and just thing they’re grass or leaves.


    • They can look like a stick/leaf. Quick research online says you have a walking stick but not praying mantis. The praying mantis can grow to 6 inches long. Ours don’t get that big, maybe 4 inches or so.


  3. Very cool! 🙂


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