Dragonflies in the Evening


  I find myself making evening rounds of the backyard, photographing dragonflies.


 They don’t know what they are, so why should I worry over knowing what they are?


I come from an artistic family, and I find myself enjoying the lights and darks, the contrast and colors,


plus the overall design.


The abdomen on this one looks like it didn’t emerge correctly.


I concentrated on having two dragonflies in the same picture.

IMG_3717 crop

This picture has contrast and an abstract design too.

Now I wonder what I’ll find tomorrow night?


8 responses to this post.

  1. What a joy it must be to be able to see and capture these beauties in your own backyard. (For the record, I noticed your dragonflies include Widow Skimmers, Blue Dashers, a Slaty Skimmer, and one I don’t immediately recognize). The shapes and colors are amazing, especially those of the dragonflies with patterned wings.


    • Our butterfly numbers are low. The dragonflies are more numerous. With the high heat indices, I mainly go out in the evening and enjoy the dragonflies. The backlit ones fascinate me.


  2. Great shots! So far this year in has been very good for dragonflies in central Ohio.


  3. I see a lot of them but few will hold still long enough for a photo. You got some excellent ones. Maybe I should try in the evening instead.


  4. Dragonflies are not so easy to capture, and you got two in one shot, pretty cool!


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