An Ambush Bug

IMG_4046  crop

I found a tiny ambush bug on a black-eyed susan flowerhead on July 23.

IMG_4048 crop

It only measured a half-inch long.

IMG_4058 crop

The shape of its head, the weird shape of its body,

IMG_4100 crop

the buggy eyes and shape of its front legs

IMG_4145 crop

mades it interesting from any angle.

IMG_4147 crop

Its front legs act as pincers to hold prey. It then inserts its short beak and sucks out body fluids.

IMG_4155 crop

They even prey on insects as big as bumblebees, butterflies and wasps.


The last picture was taken yesterday on July 28th. I couldn’t find it this morning on the 29th.

8 responses to this post.

  1. That’s another one that I’ve never seen. It sure is strange looking. You got some excellent close ups!


  2. What a cool looking little one! Great pics.


  3. What an interesting little bug. Terrific shots.


  4. what a crazy looking insect, wow, i’ve never seen one before. Great shots you shared!


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