In The Wingstem Patch

Today felt cooler than recent days. I just couldn’t stay inside.

IMG_6472 crop red

 Seems like I spend a lot of time watching insect activity in the wingstem patch. There’s a pine tree on the left of the patch, a sweetgum in the back and a hackberry on the right.

IMG_6477 crop red

Gold moth (Basilodes pepita) caterpillars are relatively common.

IMG_6495 crop red

This is a younger version of the one above.

IMG_6513 crop red

Wingstem flowers grow in clusters.

IMG_6481 crop red

A daddy longlegs waits for prey to come close.

IMG_6483 crop red

A leafminer leaves a trail to as they grow inside the leaf.

IMG_6484 crop red

An immature ladybug doesn’t exactly look like a ladybug.

IMG_6527 crop red

Neither does this next stage of an immature ladybug.

IMG_6487 crop red

This immature wheelbug has a considerable amount of growing to go

IMG_6542 crop red

before it’s full grown. This one caught a bee for its meal.

IMG_6398 crop red

The silvery checkerspot butterfly lay their eggs on wingstem.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Wingstem seems very attractive to many insects!


  2. That wheelbug shot is awesome! 🙂


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