Aphids and More Aphids

I don’t remember exactly when this all started. I started a drive through the country one morning. I turned into the sunlight. My windshield was a mess. I turned on the window washer … no fluid. It only smeared the “mess.” I poured some of my green tea on it. No luck. I poured some on a glove and no luck there either.

IMG_7180 red

Then I started seeing the sticky gunk on several surfaces. The sap was falling from the three large hackberry trees in our backyard.

IMG_7335 red

The shifting of these iris leaves shows the results of the sap.

Obviously, I started researching the problem.

IMG_7102 crop red

Well, it turns out that woolly aphids feed on the sap in the hackberry leaves.

IMG_7139 red

The sap goes through them and out. Guess you could call the sticky mess “secondhand sap.”

IMG_7148 red

Everything under the trees becomes sticky.

IMG_7243 crop red

Then dust, anything falling sticks to the sap. Luckily, this is the first time I’ve ever seen this happen.

IMG_7172 red

Then while all the above was going on, the leaves turned splotchy and yellow on the hackberry beside the barn.

IMG_7173 crop red

Lace bugs (which I’ve never heard of) apparently are sap-feeding bugs.

IMG_7124 red

They pierce the under side of the leaf with their sucking mouth parts Their feeding causes the bleached appearance.

What a year for the hackberry trees!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Aphids leave very sticky residue on plants. I sure wouldn’t want it on my windshield!


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