A Friendly Hackberry Butterfly

I came into the computer room to work on a blog, and there was a hackberry butterfly (Asterocampa celtis celtis) on the inside of the picture window.

IMG_5956 crop

I put a pint jar over it and slid a piece of paper between the window and the jar.

I couldn’t  figure out how it got in the house … unless a caterpillar somehow got in the house, pupated, and emerged today (August 30).

IMG_5959 crop

I sat on the front porch, taking picture after picture of it

IMG_5960 crop

from different angles.

IMG_5963 red

It seemed intent on exhibiting its wing markings.

IMG_5983 crop 2

Adding a profile showed its proboscis, a “straw” coiled when not sipping moisture from damp places.

IMG_5987 crop

They seldom visit flowers and prefer sap flows, fermenting fruit,

IMG_5990 crop

tree sap and animal droppings … and sweat.

IMG_5996 crop

The adults seldom visit flowers and are commonly found at moist places, on fermenting fruit, tree sap and animal droppings.

They lay their eggs in masses, and the larvae are gregarious when young. The partially grown caterpillars hibernate through the winter.

4 responses to this post.

  1. What a beautiful visitor. Tame too!


  2. Amazing pictures! What a beautiful and friendly one. 🙂


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