Uncooperative Caterpillar

IMG_5798 crop

This caterpillar wouldn’t stop and rest so I could take its picture.

IMG_5806 crop

It knew where it was going and was determined to go there.

IMG_5812 crop

With it under a hackberry tree, I knew it was a caterpillar for either a hackberry or tawny emperor butterfly.

IMG_5816 crop

After a considerable time of research, I’m almost certain it was a tawny emperor caterpillar.

IMG_5951 crop red

A tawny emperor butterfly

IMG_5943 crop red

 nectaring on a white coneflower.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve never managed to get a sharp picture of any caterpillar, they aren’t super fast but they do move around a lot… 😉


  2. The last caterpillar I saw was in a hurry too. Nice shots!


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