Remaining Bloomers

Summer eased into fall, and only a few flowers still bloom.

IMG_8055 crop red

Flowering tobacco (Nicotiana sylvestris)


is a favorite of the tobacco hornworm.

IMG_7703 crop red

Heath asters (Symphyotrichum ericoides)

IMG_7747 crop red

attract late flying butterflies.

IMG_7761 crop red

Wild Indian strawberry  (mock strawberry)

IMG_7789 crop red

has red fruits that aren’t juicy and lack flavor.

The wild strawberry, (Fragaria virginiana) has a white fruit that’s said to be delicious. I haven’t seen it growing here in southern Illinois.

IMG_7776 crop red

Yellow woodsorrel (Oxalis stricta)

IMG_7729 crop red

Summer farewell aster with an immature assassin bug.

IMG_7953 crop red

A few roses still bloom on Grandfather’s Rose. It was given to my grandmother by my great grandfather, when my mother was born … in 1929.

Nature offers plenty to enjoy year round for those interested.

2 responses to this post.

  1. You have a lot more blooming than we do. We’ve had several freezing nights but we still see an occasional goldenrod or false dandelion.


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