A November Picture

I was looking through my picture files late one night

when my eyes beheld a strange sight …


 a roly poly that had just molted. (An attempted rendition of the Monster Mash song. That hints at my age.)

 I just found interesting  information online on the roly poly, also called pillbug (Carmadellium vulgare).

1. Pillbugs are crustaceans, not insects.

2. They breath through gills.

3. The juvenile molts in two sections. This explains why I didn’t find any more of the shed.

4. The mothers carry their eggs in a pouch.

5. They don’t urinate and have the ability to pass the ammonia gas through their exoskeleton.

6. The pillbugs can drink the regular way and can also take water in through their rear ends.

7. Pillbugs tighten into tight balls when threatened.

8. They eat their own poop. This has to do with the loss of copper.

9. Ones that look bright blue or purple have contracted a viral infection.

10. Their blood is blue.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Fascinating, thanks for sharing all the info about a creature that has fascinated me since I was too young to remember.


  2. Well that enlarged my knowledge though whether I shall remember it is another matter!


  3. That’s an interesting crustacean!


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