A Morning Surprise

I was slow-moving this morning until I went in the kitchen.


There, out the window, was a rainbow! It had been two years or more since I’ve seen one. I hurried out on the porch and took pictures.  A light rain was falling.


I got back on the couch to finish my breakfast, and there out the window was the other end of the rainbow. Again, I hurried out to take pictures. This time the best view was from under an oak tree. The two sides weren’t connected at the top.


Curious as I am, I hurried to the computer room to check the sunrise. Obviously, it wasn’t to thrilling.


The final image … a perfect way to start the day.


5 responses to this post.

  1. That was a surprise, did you find the pot of gold?


  2. That’s a beautiful way to start the day, and getting photos of it makes it even better!


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