We Had FOG!

We woke to dense fog and the temperature below freezing.

IMG_9637 red

My first thought was to get my camera and get pictures of the fog. Somehow fog becomes orbs in the pictures.

I went outside later when I saw ice on the branches of the hackberry tree by our house.

IMG_9681 red

The fog had frozen and crystallized on small surfaces like this spider web.

IMG_9679 red

It was all to small to show just how the ice had formed from teeny beads of ice.

IMG_9694 red

The drop remaining on the twig and the hanging strand were both frozen.

IMG_9701 red

This picture absolutely blew my mind. I can’t explain how this “happened” unless there were dry sections in the strand of spider silk.

IMG_9706 crop red

The ice’s existence all looked impossible …

IMG_9708 crop red

 and to stay suspended like that. If you look close in the two pictures above, you can see the spider’s silk.

IMG_9712 crop red

This one measured a half-inch long at the most.

IMG_9735 crop red 2

The fluff on a dried milkweed plant … well, it’s holding a lot of ice. Notice the larger ice ball on the lower right. It shows how water reverses the reflections … the sky is along the bottom.

IMG_9747 red

I took this last picture at noon to show how much fog still remained.


12 responses to this post.

  1. Your photographs are both clever and artistic.


  2. That’s interesting, we had exactly the same thing happen here this morning.
    You found much better webs than I did. The one I saw looked like kite string tangled in a bush.


  3. Posted by Therese on December 6, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    Truly amazing photographs! Inspiring!


  4. Amazing how strong the strands of a spiders web are!


  5. fascinating — what an amazing collection of icy, foggy spiderwebs.


  6. What cool discoveries you found!


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