An Exciting Surprise

I have been watching for a fox lately, not really expecting one this early in January.

IMG_0004 red

My husband spotted this one while he was working in his bow room.

IMG_0009 red

It was late morning. The sun was warm.

IMG_0011 red

 I could tell in one of the other pictures that this was a female.

IMG_0018 red

It looked like some food had been hidden there for her.

IMG_0025 red

I wonder when she’ll be back? This is barely the start of mating season here in southern Illinois.

IMG_0030 red

I realize my pictures aren’t the best because of what I have to go through to take them. This is a picture of the workbench in my husband’s bow room. To take the pictures, I have to sneak down two steps and over to the window on the right. I then get positioned with the camera perched on the windowsill and snap away.

I hope there’s more fox pictures to follow.


12 responses to this post.

  1. Foxy lady! 🙂 Wonderful sighting and photos, I hope she returns. And I appreciate what you gotta do to take these!!


  2. What an amazing set of images.


  3. Thank you for our daily refreshment. Can imagine a day without you. You are a blessing.


  4. I wonder if you’ll have a den under the barn like you did last year. I can’t imagine an easier way to view nature than having it walk right into your yard!


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