Whose Den?

IMG_0025 red

A female fox visited our yard a few days ago. The pair have denned under our barn twice.

IMG_0068 crop 3

It was a gloomy day, and Buffy and I had been in the house too long. So, we walked a loop of our backyard.  She saw this wooden “creature” before I did.

IMG_0068 crop 3

It looked like a creature of unknown origin.

IMG_0068 crop

It was about 8-9 inches long. Now I’ll be able to tell if any animal, like a fox, goes under the barn.


We woke to a damp drizzling morning. I hurried out to check to see if the wood had been moved ….

IMG_0077 red

and, obviously, it was — only, the chunk of wood isn’t the same one I photographed yesterday.

This mystery will require my attention often.

10 responses to this post.

  1. Beautiful photo of your fox. How exciting to have them nearby.


  2. What an interesting mystery, I look forward to the next instalment.


  3. Odd that they’d bother with a piece of wood. Maybe it was in their way.


  4. This is quite interesting. I thought the wood looked like a small lion cub at first glance. It obviously bothered your seasonal arrival enough to clean house. 🙂


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