Unusual Weather

We had an odd combination of weather a few days ago, with large snow flakes and light rain falling in the morning for an hour or so.

My life is in the process of changing … so …  my creativity will probably change to a certain extent too.

Now is a sad time for me. I’m adjusting from just finding out I have Alzheimers. I will be 67 years old on May 15th.

IMG_1461 red

My mother has Alzheimers and lives at home with a rotation of three care givers.

IMG_1464 red

My father passed away from Alzheimers  in 2003. He was the electrical engineer for a local coal mine. His mother passed away from Alzheimers when I was in high school. They lived across from the high school, and I used to eat lunch with her.

IMG_1462 red

My grandfather on my mother’s side was a physics professor for the Rolla School of Mines in Missouri. His Alzheimers was slow.

IMG_1472 red

I so enjoy being outside and blogging. I plan to continue. My style might change somewhat. My grammar may not always be the best. Either way — I will enjoy, and I hope you enjoy my finds too …  so the subjects that find me won’t feel left out.

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  1. So very sorry that you had to find out you had developed such a disease. There is some hope though these days, a lot of work has gone into finding out ways to ameliorate the symptoms, I hope they work for you.


  2. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Continue to do what you love!


  3. I’m sorry to hear that and I’m really shocked that so many in your family have had it. In my experience nature is a cure for many ills, and I hope you’ll be able to be outside as often as possible.
    Take care.


    • Thanks. It’s good to hear from you. I’ll be outside more after I have — I’m not sure what done in two weeks. There’s a new alzheimers medicine I’ll start on then too.


  4. Today, it appears all families are affected by this sad illness one way or another. I pray the medicine helps, Kathy, and I know your walks with Buffy and finds with nature will also help keep you grounded. And no matter your style, we’ll always enjoy your shares! Hugs!


    • It’d so good to hear from you. I had a doctor’s appointment. There’s a new way to “use the medicine.” It should work real well and won’t upset my stomach like the other kind. Thanks … I need all the hugs I can get.


  5. Posted by Therese Beavers on April 28, 2016 at 9:36 pm

    Nature is your passion. Enjoy it, Sis!


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