Extreme Shortage

The catalpa tree has been a quiet place this summer.


This leaf had fallen from the tree, and these are eggs of the catalpa sphinx moth. These were the only ones I found. Usually they’re quite numerous.


This leaf had fallen from the tree too. The caterpillars probably won’t survive since they’re too small to get back up in the tree.


The caterpillar didn’t like my presence and started making rapid movements that were meant to deter me.


The movements got more dramatic.


The caterpillar went from leaf to leaf on its way to the south.


I left after this dramatic display. I didn’t want to stress it any more.

IMG_4308 crop

The catalpa tree has all its leaves … so I wonder what the caterpillar numbers will be like next year?


4 responses to this post.

  1. You have a very sharp eye and a good camera.


  2. I never see many bugs on our catalpas.


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