Dragonflies in the Yard

So far the butterflies are almost nonexistent this summer. I could probably count all I’ve seen on one hand.


So, I’ve switched to dragonflies instead. Their numbers are relatively low. At least they’re in the yard.


Male widow skimmer


This is another widow skimmer. It’s fresher than the one above. This was the only angle it cooperated for.


Female widow skimmer

IMG_5694 too

Halloween pennant — it’s the first I’ve seen this summer.

IMG_5559 too

I have yet to identify the dragonfly above and the one below.


It’s like I’ve said before, I don’t need a name to enjoy the find.

8 responses to this post.

  1. We saw our first Monarch of the year yesterday. I’m stumped on the dragonflies.


    • It sure has been an unusual year where butterflies are concerned. Even dragonfly numbers are low. I have the Dragonflies through Binoculars and the Dragonflies of the Florida Peninsula, which help me a lot.


  2. Such delicate images, thank you.


  3. You sure got some good shots of them! I don’t recognize either of the unknowns.


  4. Excellent shots. 🙂


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