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Both of these dragonflies are widow skimmers. The lower one on the left is an immature male. The other one with the blue abdomen is a mature male.

It was considerate of them to pose for me like this … apparently, they wanted in a blog.

A Dragonfly Surprise

I took a few minutes to walk around the backyard, looking for any new visitors.


The male widow skimmer dragonflies have been hanging around in my two small gardens. I didn’t see this other visitor until I got the pictures in the computer. There’s a tiny red mite on the dragonfly’s side. Two other skimmers also had a mite on them.


  The males have the yellow stripe on their abdomen like the females do. The female widow skimmers lack the white patch on their forewings, and the male’s abdomen will turn a powder blue.


Know For Sure

What I know for sure ….


it’s a small dragonfly

with a red abdomen,

powder blue head and underside thorax, and clear wings.

It patiently posed for a seven pictures.

(It’s small size made it almost impossible for the camera to focus.)

And, as of now, I haven’t been able to identify it online or in books.

Name or not, I still enjoyed the encounter.

The picture was taken on September 9.



Turned out two blogs I follow both blogged this dragonfly — a blue-face meadowhawk (Sympetrum ambiguum). The dragonfly wasn’t in one dragonfly book I have. The positioning of a pair of them in my other dragonfly book didn’t look enough like it for me to make the connection.

So, now I feel much better — I have a name for it!

A Spider Hiding

I’m not sure of  the spider terminology involved in this web.


A spider constructed a rolled or curved-leaf web. It looked to be a two-room nest. You can see the end of its abdomen in the lower part of the left slit. It looked to be either a two-room nest or a hall-like structure.


The backside had a completely different appearance, with no escape possible.


I think it got tired of me and went lower in the web to hide in this last picture.

Double-Ringed Pennant

IMG_5275 crop alt red

 A double-ringed pennant (Celithemis verna) didn’t mind my attention this morning and posed for a few pictures. This is a male; the females have a yellowish thorax and a little yellow on base of  their abdomen.

A Damselfly

I can’t believe I spotted this tiny damselfly.

IMG_4580 crop red

Its abdomen looked copper colored in the light. The fake eyespots on the back of its head would sure look convincing to any predator, even though the damselfly measured an inch at the most.

Emerging Dragonflies


IMG_0095 red

My small water garden can be a hub of activity at times.

IMG_0059 crop red

I generally do a search for frogs. This particular morning in late May, I just happened to be there at the right time to find 3 dragonflies emerging.

IMG_0056 crop red

Their color changed as they dry.

IMG_0089 crop red

I went out 3 times in 1 1/2 hours to take pictures. This means I made loops of the water garden in both directions to take them … and had me thoroughly confused when picking out pictures for this blog.

IMG_0104 crop red

This one worried me because its abdomen wasn’t straight.  .

IMG_0114 red

I figured that it would straighten as it dried. 

IMG_0068 red

IMG_0085 crop red

IMG_0086 crop red

IMG_0089 crop red