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Predator – Butterfly

Several pearl crescent butterflies visit the sedum plants in the moon garden.

They concentrate more on eating than watching out for predators.

It’s hard to see from the angle of the camera that there’s a predator behind the wings on the right. This time it’s an ambush bug.

  The ambush bugs are only up to 1/2 inch long, and can change color to match the color of the flower they’re on.

Hidden Predator

The moth caught my attention as Buffy and I walked a loop around the backyard.

IMG_6200 crop red

I started taking pictures before I realized the moth wasn’t alive. Then I saw the reason why … an ambush bug, the cream-colored shape hiding in the flower heads in the lower right.

IMG_6190 crop red

This angle better shows the ambush bug.

IMG_4046 crop

This picture is from an earlier blog and better shows a young ambush bug. (It soon turned the color of the flower it was on.)

An Ambush Bug

IMG_4046  crop

I found a tiny ambush bug on a black-eyed susan flowerhead on July 23.

IMG_4048 crop

It only measured a half-inch long.

IMG_4058 crop

The shape of its head, the weird shape of its body,

IMG_4100 crop

the buggy eyes and shape of its front legs

IMG_4145 crop

mades it interesting from any angle.

IMG_4147 crop

Its front legs act as pincers to hold prey. It then inserts its short beak and sucks out body fluids.

IMG_4155 crop

They even prey on insects as big as bumblebees, butterflies and wasps.


The last picture was taken yesterday on July 28th. I couldn’t find it this morning on the 29th.

Assassin Bug


Two clumps shasta daisies (Leucanthemem superbum) grow in my butterfly garden.  They don’t attract as many insects as they look like they should.


I found a young assassin bug when making my evening rounds of our backyard.

IMG_0208 crop

It had captured an ant and didn’t like my attention.


The assassin bug was still there the next evening,

IMG_0222 crop

and this time it had a tiny bee.

Yard Walk-about

Insect numbers have increased lately.

IMG_0204 crop

I’m not sure what a short-horned grasshopper found interesting on the sedum.

IMG_0186 crop

If you look close on the right of the two front petals, you’ll find a small plant hopper.

IMG_0201 crop

Apparently something tried to capture this pearl crescent butterfly.

IMG_0211 crop alt

A slug slowly made its way around to the back side of the leaf.


 The  dragonfly sure didn’t pick an attractive perch.

IMG_0125 crop alt

The crab spider looked like part of the leaf from a distance.

IMG_9256 crop

I couldn’t see through the silk to see if there was either an egg mass or larvae on the white dogwood leaf.

IMG_9256 crop too

The spider that spun the nest is to the left partly under the long strands of silk.

IMG_0221 crop

A hanging insect  — in this case a skipper — can mean either a crap spider or ambush bug. From what little that shows, it has to be an ambush bug.

IMG_9884 crop

A moth waiting patiently for the night.