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Cedar Apple Rust

The theme of this cloudy day was green. Very little bloomed.

IMG_8674 red

We’re between the early bloomers and the next wave of seasonal color.

IMG_8668 red

The orange, though small, made a bold statement.

IMG_8661 red

The cedar apple rust grew on a young cedar tree. I’ve known it’s called cedar apple rust; I just never knew why (or even thought about it) until researching for this blog.

IMG_8666 red

Cedar apple rust is a fungal disease on apple trees. Cedar apple rust requires apple trees too to complete its life cycle.The brown galls overwinter on the cedar trees. During moist weather in the spring, the galls produce jelly-like horns. The rest of the information on the galls’ life cycle scrambles my artistic brain.

I enjoyed the aesthetic qualities of this find.