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I break for turkey vultures … or for any other cooperative bird or animal for that matter.

IMG_2944 crop red

Buffy and I were on our way home after a hike when I encountered these 2. I thought the wing posture odd.

IMG_2949 crop red

More vultures arrived. Was the one a female, and the other three doing some sort of display to impress her?

IMG_2959 crop red

I decided that could very well be, especially after watching the middle bird. It would lift one foot, spread its toes and do a funny-looking hop.

IMG_2965 crop redTalking about getting a lot of attention!

IMG_2974 crop red

And then even more attention. Occasionally one would be in the grass on the left, apparently feeding. The “meal” was dragged on the road.

IMG_2983 crop red

I had been taking pictures, easing the truck forward, and taking more pictures. Then we had “company.” The man slowed down a lot. Naturally the birds flew. There were 8 birds by then.

IMG_2998 crop red

Four of the birds returned. The “impressing” behavior continued.

IMG_2992 crop red 2

Me, after a couple more pictures, I headed home for lunch.


Unusual Bird Behavior

I apologize for total lack of quality in both of these pictures. The cloudy day, being in the house and the distance to the subjects was the way it was.

The groundhog was out for its midday meal. At least there were no longer any flowers and other plants I wouldn’t want to be a meal for it.

While watching it, I saw movement further back in the yard at the burn pile. We have 2 acres. I burned 5 sacks of paper this morning.

A mockingbird perched on a branch and flew quickly down into the pile of ashes, causing a cloud of ash, and then returned to the brush pile. It repeated this 3-4 times, with time between. A male cardinal did the same 1 time. Obviously, there were no smoldering embers.

All I could figure was that the mockingbird was taking a dust bath in the ashes. Birds take dust baths to clean their feathers and skin, and to get rid of mites. Usually they spend more time in the dust during a dust bath than the mockingbird did in the ashes

I had never seen this behavior before. This just proves that one can continually learn from nature for years and years and years.