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Resting Owl

I was taking a slow walk around the backyard yesterday afternoon.

  It was a calm, quiet day

with only a few birds: robins, a blue jay, a cardinal, and … an owl.

 Only the owl wasn’t really an owl. It was a broken limb in the sweet gum tree in our backyard.

It looked like an owl resting near the end of the limb.

I do so like owls of all kinds.

A Visiting Cooper’s Hawk

A Cooper’s hawk decided to perch in the sweet gum tree in our front yard.

Its brown pattern blended in with its surroundings.

Then it decided to perch on a sign across the highway, beside our neighbor’s barn. It was a cloudy day with a light snow falling.

The Cooper hawk’s tail has a squared-off end, where a  sharp-shinned hawk’s has a rounded tail.

The light snow was enough that I couldn’t get good clear pictures. This picture better shows the squared end of the Cooper hawk’s tail.

 The day remained cloudy with an occasional mist. The hawk came and went a few times.

So, I might have more time to hawk watch.

Busy Little Groundhogs

It’s hard to get work done with the four young groundhogs becoming more active every day.


It’s hard to get all four in the same picture. They’re all so active.


They can see me move, even with me 40 yards away in the house.


I wonder what holds their attention?


Of course there’s rabbits, squirrels, and birds to watch in the backyard.


I think this picture is just precious.


Flowering Dogwood

Flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) made a bold statement on a dreary overcast day.

IMG_8485 red

The flowers aren’t what they appear to be.

IMG_8476 red

The white “petals” aren’t petals. They’re bracts, which are modified leaves.

IMG_8489 crop red

The buds of the actual flowers crowd together in the center of the bracts.

IMG_8479 crop red

Two tiny flowers bloom in this cluster of buds.

IMG_8482 crop red

 A different vantage point of the flower cluster.

IMG_2519 crop red

Polinated flowers produce fruits that are called drupes. Many bird species and mammals eat the fruit.

Neglected, And I’m Glad

As everyone knows, this hasn’t been a good year for gardening and has been to hot for most outdoor activities. Now I’m glad my gardens were neglectged. I just came in from taking pictures in my moon garden. Poke grows commonly where I usually pulled or cut it out.

I’m glad now it grows where it does.

Several poke plants grow among 2 butterfly bushes, all making a tangle taller than I am. The great spangled fritillary caught my attention. Butterflies aren’t a daily treat this summer. Then I noticed all the poke and immediately thought about the berry-eating birds. At least they’ll find meals here too.

I hope the butterfly bush continues to bloom. The poke should continue producing berries.

The berries are in varying stages of development, which will stretch out the meals.

All pollinated and ready to grow.

Won’t be long before these start ripening.

“Dinner” is served.