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Goldenrod Blotch Mine?

Identification of this find was over my head. I couldn’t find it online or in any of my resource books.

IMG_3466 crop

What I know for sure:

I took these pictures in early October last year.

The plant was a goldenrod.

The “spot” was insect related and measured roughly 3/8-inch in diameter.

IMG_3466 crop 2

Of course, the goldenrod plant dried … maybe the insect emerged before the cold arrived.

I’ve called it a blotch mine and have seen similar pictures.

 I don’t need a name  to enjoy the find … it didn’t know its name either.

Unusual Leaf Miner

IMG_6670 red

More typical leaf miner “trails” look like the ones above in a catalpa leaf.

IMG_5174 crop alt red

 Obviously, this poison ivy plant stood out with such an unusual leaf miner design.

IMG_5176 crop alt one

A leaf miner is the larva of an insect that lives and develops inside a leaf. This type of mine is called a “blotch mine.” Mornings it looked like it had condensation in the mine, that wasn’t there in the evenings.

IMG_5176 crop alt arrow copy

If you look close, you can see a tiny larva.

IMG_5233 alt red

I was actually able to easily identify it online. It’s a poison ivy leaf miner (Cameraria guttifinitella).

The cause of the dark spots or the long crease of the upper surface remain a mystery.