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Blue Dasher

The numbers of butterflies and dragonflies were extremely low in southern Illinois last summer.

IMG_5037 crop

I think this dragonfly was a male blue dasher.

I don’t need a name to enjoy things I find. Just the discovery and observations are enough … plus taking pictures if it cooperates.


This widow skimmer landed right in front of me. I took this to mean it wanted in the blog too.

Reflected Color


I thought this was such a pleasing picture with the wings of female blue dasher dragonfly reflecting a hint of red from the roses.

The rose is a miniature rose, a family heirloom. My great grandfather bought it for my grandmother, when my mother was born (1929).

Blue Dasher Dragonfly

Pachydiplax longipennis

IMG_4558 sharp crop red too

This female blue dasher dragonfly must have settled down for the night. She didn’t seem to mind the attention from me or my camera.