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Evening Web Building

 I became interested in spiders and their webs during the first part of September,


when I watched an orb weaver spider weave its web in the front yard for the night. ( I watched take it down the next morning.)


The color varied from the changing angle of the sun, the color of it and surrounding darkening colors.


Obviously, the sun made for a dramatic picture too.


I don’t remember if there was a breeze or not. Cars and trucks passed on the highway. I ignored them.


I can’t explain what caused this picture to turn out like it did. It had to be a combination of the light and sudden movement to create those web shapes.


The spider went round and round, patiently building its web.


I almost ran out of daylight. I would’ve of liked to see what the spider caught for its evening meal.

… It had already taken the web down before I got up the next morning.

Spiders in the Night

Every time I come in

IMG_3933 red

from taking orb pictures in the backyard

IMG_3899 crop red

I see spiders on the side of the house. They’re either in their web, repairing it or building one. A quick flashlight-count found 29 of various sizes.

None of the spiders are on their webs during the day.