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A Change of Seasons

IMG_4559 crop

These black-eyed Susans were the hub of activity much longer than I expected.

IMG_4489 crop

This small spider apparently thought it was well camouflaged back in early August.

IMG_6366 crop red

Today, September 6, shows a dramatic change in the flowers during the last two months.

IMG_6365 crop red

Another spider had staked its claim for any remaining possible “live” food.

IMG_6345 crop red

 This spider picked a unappetizing-looking flower-head. At least the sedum behind it would attract insects.

Tobacco Hornworm

IMG_9182 crop

The easiest way to find well-camouflaged caterpillars is to first find their droppings.


Two tobacco hornworms fed on the same  flowering tobacco plant (Nicotiana sylvestris) plant in my moon garden. The caterpillars can be a challenge to find, even after finding them the first time. I included this picture because it shows the pattern “veeing” down its back.

IMG_9180 cropThe small black spots along its side are the spiracles where they breath.

IMG_9201 crop alt

The “eye” is a fake eye on its prothoracic shield.

Two caterpillars were on this same plant. One was gone the next morning, and the other the next morning. I probably won’t see the sphinx moths after they emerge.