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Miniscule Comes to Mind

  I walk loops around our backyard for the exercise, and so I can watch for any photographic opportunity.

IMG_7674 crop

Lichens are common on both live and dead wood.

The Whitewash lichen (Phlyctis argena) above is similar to Common Button lichen (Buellia stillingiana), which has more black dots. The spores are produced in the dots, called the apothecia.

IMG_7984 crop

I rotated this and the next picture, because it makes it easier to see the lichens.

Candleflame lichen (Candelaria concolor) is the yellowgreen one on the bark of a hackberry tree. Research online shows that its color can vary.

IMG_7984 crop too

My Lichens of the North Woods book gives 0.1-0.5 mm for the width of the its lobes!

Two More Lichens

This winter was so drab. Seemed like the sun seldom shone — and it wasn’t my imagination.

with hole 2

I don’t burn all the sticks/small logs I find in the yard, for obvious reasons. I wonder if anything lived in the cavity of this blister lichens (Physcia stellaris)?


here the blister lichens grew with the Candelaria concolor lichen. It commonly grows on elm, ash and sugar maple trees.

Two Mosses and a Lichen

I went out this afternoon specifically to photograph a small moss growing in a small fire ring beside my moon garden.

IMG_4937 crop red

 The Ditrichum pallidum has no common name in my Walk Softly Upon the Earth book, a field guide to Missouri mosses, liverworts and lichens. The stalks stood an inch tall.

IMG_4953 crop red

A loop walk of part of the backyard turned up another tiny moss, called urn moss (Physcomitrium pryiforme) because of the shape of spore capsules. The stalks on this moss was 1/4 inch tall at the most.

Moss glossary:

 Gametophyte — leafy portion of the plant.

Sporophyte — spore producing part of the plant. It usually has long slender stalk, topped with capsule which produces the spores.

Calyptra — a thin jacket covering the top of the capsule. It later looks like a little hat. (Easier seen in the top picture.)

IMG_4966 crop red

I noticed a greenish-yellow patch on the bark of the hackberry tree. It was odd that in was only on the southwest side and low on the trunk. Candelaria concolor grows mostly on trees and occasionally on rocks.