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A Mushroom Village

We had a stump cut out and now have a pile of rotting wood shavings.

Obviously, the mushrooms like it there. This is the second batch.

This is the second time they’ve grown and “bloomed here.”

They do spread after they open.

They are so cute too…

like they’re growing in families.

This patch is a little older and much larger.

This makes it easy to see the gills.

The  top of the cap splits from the edge toward the center. 

Need I say more? …..

I do — I think it’s an American parasol mushroom.



A Mushroom

Our hot dry summer didn’t produce any mushrooms in our yard. Imagine my surprise when I saw this one from a distance …

IMG_5708 crop

 Only is wasn’t a mushroom. It was a small acorn.

IMG_5706 crop

The cap measured about half-inch in diameter.

IMG_5702 crop

What is really interesting — is that there’s no oaks growing anywhere near it. There are several tall trees in the vicinity:  an elm, a few maples, a cottonwood and two sweet gums.

IMG_5703 crop

So how did a “mushroom” appear in the yard, in an area with no oaks?

Maybe it was a present from the tree faeries.


Damp conditions along the dry creek intensified the colors of the mushrooms.

IMG_3292 crop red

IMG_3287 crop red

IMG_3267 red

Amanitas, deadly poisonous mushrooms, have an universal veil that originally enclosed the cap. It hangs below the cap in this picture.

IMG_3285 crop red

This mushroom is also an amanita. Pieces of the universal veil remains on the caps of some amanitas. They also grow from a cup. The ring of it shows at the base of the stalk.

IMG_3300 crop red

My first thought when I saw the shape of this mushrooom was “scoop.”

IMG_3302 red