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A Passing Spicebush Swallowtail

So few butterflies have visited our backyard this summer. Their numbers have been the lowest I’ve ever seen.


So, I got excited when a spicebush swallowtail flew across our backyard on its way south. It didn’t stop.


Our yard’s been full of them at times over the years … them and many other butterfly species too.


A butterfly in an odd position usually means it’s in the clutches of a predator.


In this case it was a female crab spider.


Females are much bigger than the males.

Crab spiders have the ability to change color to match the color of the flower they’re on. Obviously, this one hadn’t changed yet. I have no idea how long the change takes.

Colors Matching?


Crab spiders are known to change color to match the color of the flower they’re on. Obviously, this one hasn’t been on the nicotiana flower long enough to change. It’s a male; females are larger.


I made a loop around the backyard after a heavy rain early this morning. This crab spider looked comfortable back in a fold of the spider lily flower. It’s a male too, and apparently a different species because of the differences in color and size. Maybe those dark legs could mimic a dried piece of the plant.

A Fancy Crab Spider

A crab spider’s small size makes them easy to overlook,

IMG_7732 red

especially with their ability to change color to match the flowers they’re on.

IMG_7732 crop red

This one seems to have a creative streak, when it comes to designing its attire.

They are called crab spiders because of their legs being similar to those of crabs. The male is smaller than the female.