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Cloud Cap

Clouds started moving about the time I came in the house.

A cap formed on the “mountain” of clouds.

The cloud mound continued to increase in height, and the cloud cap continued to grow and spread. Cloud caps are rare here in southern Illinois.

I don’t know what these long streaks are and what caused them. They don’t look like clouds (More like pulled taffy).

If anyone knows what caused them, I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know.

There were four in a line. They didn’t look like a cloud. They looked more like a cloud twisted into a long cord.

An eastern bluebird stopped for a drink. I haven’t seen one of them recently.



Evening Clouds

I went for an evening drive and am I glad I did. The closer I got to home, the more dramatic the clouds became.

All the following pictures were taken from my front yard.


I’ve occasionally seen cap clouds (pileus clouds).


The cap results when a moist current of air is forced over a growing cumulus cloud.


It soon began to slowly sink lower.


It continued lower, and another one started forming on a peak near it.


Both slowly started dissipating,


soon to be followed by another one forming.


The cloud shapes, enhanced with the shaded areas,


continued to change.


A cloud spirit (lower right) watched the last of the evening’s dramatic cloud display.

An Evening Drive


IMG_0551 red

I didn’t expect dramatic clouds when Buffy and I left for an evening drive.

IMG_0556 alt red

IMG_0554 red

“Wow!” came to mind. “Huge” did too.

IMG_0574 crop red

It was so nice of this doe to pose for us before we headed home.

IMG_0581 red

I wondered what the cloud spirits used for inspiration for these unusual clouds.

IMG_0583 alt red

 If anyone has a theory for this squared-off cloud, I’d be interested in hearing it.

IMG_0587 alt red

Cloud caps are one of my favorite clouds. They usually form over cumulus clouds. There must have been one up there somewhere.