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Oh, What a Sunset!!

I took 28 sunset pictures, all in ten minutes.

We live on the east side of the highway and the west side of the sunset.

It was amazing how fast the clouds moved, changed colors and changed shapes.

Please overlook any wires in the pictures. I had no choice.

The unusual cloud kept its shape. I wonder why and how.

The sunset colors gradually grew darker.

There must be a reason for the changing cloud shapes.

I wonder if the clouds need to be somewhere else at a certain time to put on the same differing-cloud show?



Wonders Never Cease

 Common Milkweed

Four common milkweed plants grow beside the back garage (which will be torn down this summer).

A few insects visit the flowers,

and a white crab spider hides on the underneath side of one of the leaves. The spider can change colors to match the color of the flower it’s on.

A Napping Fox

I didn’t see the foxes during our last two days of cloudy weather.


It’s convenient to have my computer by the picture window that overlooks our backyard.


The sun is out, the wind calm, and the 42-degree temperature must feel warmer on the piece of conveyor  belt.


A little grooming.


Now that’s a yawn!


And then she just couldn’t stay awake any longer in the warm sunshine.


This picture was taken later, and I suspect this one’s the male. Its color seems darker than the fur of the one in the other pictures.


The sun just set. The male fox is still curled up asleep. The temperature’s now down to 40.

Spark of Color

I don’t know about you, but I could use a spark of color in the middle of this Arctic weather.

IMG_2360 crop alt

So, this picture with a painted lady butterfly on a summer farewell aster

IMG_2361 crop

certainly offers sparks of color.

Colors Matching?


Crab spiders are known to change color to match the color of the flower they’re on. Obviously, this one hasn’t been on the nicotiana flower long enough to change. It’s a male; females are larger.


I made a loop around the backyard after a heavy rain early this morning. This crab spider looked comfortable back in a fold of the spider lily flower. It’s a male too, and apparently a different species because of the differences in color and size. Maybe those dark legs could mimic a dried piece of the plant.

A Fancy Crab Spider

A crab spider’s small size makes them easy to overlook,

IMG_7732 red

especially with their ability to change color to match the flowers they’re on.

IMG_7732 crop red

This one seems to have a creative streak, when it comes to designing its attire.

They are called crab spiders because of their legs being similar to those of crabs. The male is smaller than the female.


After over a week of being snowed in, I thought it was time for a spark of color.

IMG_5611 crop alt

Obviously, all the colors of these Billbergia flowers stood out in the morning sunlight and brightened my day.

Hope they brighten yours too.