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Farewell to Snow

After being snowed/iced in for almost 2 weeks, Buffy and I headed to my rural property for a morning hike. I heard running water in the creek before we reached the ravine.

IMG_7077 red

IMG_7083 red

After “oohing and aahing” a bit, I ended up noticing the designs that snow falling from the trees made in the snow below.

IMG_7094 red alt

The angle of the sun was just right to showcase them.

IMG_7101 alt red

Snow melting contributed to their designs too.

IMG_7104 red alt

 My pictures didn’t do them justice. I didn’t know how to set my camera to compensate for the bright snow.

IMG_7154 crop alt red

IMG_7147 crop alt red

IMG_7144 alt red

These discs measured 4-5 inches across.

IMG_7108 red

The east-facing slope had less snow than the west-facing one did.

IMG_7129 alt red

This last one measured over 12 inches from top to bottom and 3 or more inches tall. I couldn’t figure out how it formed. There were concentric oval “lines” and a slight depression in the center. Maybe it rolled and fell to the side, resulting in the design. Nothing made sense …

It had to be magic.