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What a Difference Three Days Make

Strong winds, hours of heavy snow and dropping temperatures created dramatic results

IMG_0162 red

that could be enjoyed from the picture window by my computer. (Jan 10)


The large hackberry tree added an interesting background for some pictures.

IMG_0182 red

Ice on the window created a variety of designs

IMG_0183 red 2

for dramatic pictures.

IMG_0194 red

All that remains now are the icicles hanging from the gutter.


 And then a sunny day today (January 14) the temperature rises to 57 degrees.

Buffy and I walked a loop of the backyard. She investigated along the side of the barn until the the fox let her know she wasn’t wanted there. With the wind, she actually smelled up about half of the back-back of our yard.

IMG_0281 red

I walked right up to a crawdad mound. The hole was open, and I could see water down in there.

IMG_0286 red 2

The dandelion flower stood out! All other colors were winter-dull.

IMG_0288 red 2

Dandelion flowerheads are actually made of many yellow ray flowers. They have five tiny petals, and both male and female parts.

A Winter Surprise

Buffy and I did a slow walk around the backyard. The weather has been relatively warm lately. (47 degrees while working on this blog.)

IMG_0183 red

We rounded the corner of what I call the “weed patch,” and I almost immediately walked right up to this crawdad mound. It looked like it had some attention earlier today. I don’t remember seeing one at the first of January before.


I wanted to let you all know I am finally over the shingles, at least enough to be productive with occasional nap.